England fans get rowdy after Friday night's game

England fans get rowdy after Friday night's game

Yesterday the England vs Scotland game ended 0-0. But England fans didn't let that disappoint them, after exiting the 4TheFans Fan Park in Trafford, Manchester the fans continued to sing and chant their way back to the Manchester City Center.

After the game, many of the fans when back to the city centre via the Manchester Metrolink. Concerns are now being raised about how many were on the tram, damage made to the tram and the lack of the COVID-19 guidelines being followed.

The above shows a video of the fans on the tram and the damage made to the tram. 

Fans were then seen in the Manchester City Center walking in the middle of the road, throwing cones and baning on shop windows. 

Video From Tke Media

Video from Tke Media

The Manchester Metrolink and the GMP have been contacted for a statement on these issues.